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“Tourisme & Handicap” brand

Tourisme & Handicap (T&H) is the only state brand awarded to tourism professionals who are committed to a quality approach focused on accessibility to leisure and holidays for all.

T&H is a brand that identifies establishments that meet the specific needs of tourists with disabilities, whether auditory, mental, motor or visual.


The Tourism & Handicap brand has defined accessibility and hospitality criteria to guarantee tourism to all in the greatest possible autonomy. It shall take into account, in particular, easy access to the buildings and services of the establishment. She is also attentive to the personalized welcome reserved for tourists in terms of attention and benevolence.

A certified establishment, thus meeting these criteria, is subject to regular control by trained and specialized evaluators.


The Tourism & Disability brand concerns various structures to meet the different expectations and needs of tourists during their stay. Thus, it is present both in terms of accommodation, catering, places of visit, leisure activities, or tourist offices.

Nearly 4,000 establishments are now T&H certified.

Following the Territorial Commission of 13/12/2019, the right to use the Tourism & Disability trademark is granted to OIT Provence Méditerranée – Bureau du Pradet for a period of 5 years, according to the following variation:

  • Hearing impairment
  • Handicap mental
  • Motor disability
  • Visual impairment

Some examples of our facilities:

  • Two free parking spaces for GIG nearby: 2 parking spaces Charles de Gaulle and 2 parking spaces Place de l’armée d’Afrique
  • WC accessible on the parking lot of the Place de l’Armée d’Afrique (next to the parking space for GIG)
  • Main entrance on one level
  • Automatic door indicated by two strips to cm and cm, two-tone at 100m from the ground.
  • Displays and reception bank lowered to wheelchair height
  • Signage on each of our improved facades: color contrasts, simplified characters.
  • Series of pictograms in the Tourist Office to indicate the main activities: the Pradet, Accommodation, Events, Leisure, museums, … These pictograms are essential for those who do not immediately understand written texts.
  • Provision of a magnetic loop: This system improves the quality of the conversation and the confidentiality of the information exchanged. The reception officer speaks into a microphone and his voice is transmitted directly to the ear of the hearing impaired.
  • Magnifying glass and dictaphone for the visually impaired
  • Larger character documentation

The Tourism & Handicap brand offers a triple guarantee:

  • Quickly identify tourist sites adapted to needs thanks to the dedicated pictograms;
  • Sensitized and trained staff;
  • Services that comply with accessibility regulations, controlled by specialized evaluators.

All T&H certified establishments are listed on the Tourism & Disability website.