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In order to promote access to tourism and leisure for people with disabilities and to develop an adapted tourist offer, the national label "Tourisme & Handicap" was created.

The sites labelled "Tourisme & Handicap" are identifiable by a logo affixed to the entrance of the tourist establishments and on the promotional documents of the destinations in order to inform the persons with disabilities in a reliable, homogeneous and objective way on Their accessibility according to the Handicap (motor, visual, auditory and mental) thanks to four pictograms.

The tourist Office of the Pradet has filed its application ranking tourism and Handicap.

To help you during your stay, the tourist Office of the Pradet has equipped itself, trained and created specific supports to become a place suitable for all.

Our Label

In December 2013, the tourist Office of the Pradet initiated a labeling approach "tourism handicap" for the 4 Deficiencies: Motor Handicap, hearing impairment, visual and mental.

In February 2014, the tourist Office of the Pradet obtained the label Var Accessible and remains awaiting the opinion of the National commission of the Association Tourism and Handicap.

The Var label Accessible:

This label was set up in 2011 by the Var General Council. It allows to identify providers who meet the requirements of the Law of 2005 *, but who are not eligible for the tourism and handicaps label or who are waiting for it to be obtained.

* Law of 11 February 2005 for equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of persons with disabilities

Some examples of our facilities:

* Two free parking spaces for GIG nearby

* Walk-in main entrance

* Automatic door indicated by two strips with cm and cm, bi-coloured.

* Display units and Bank of reception lowered to wheelchair height

* Providing a touch terminal. Information can be dropped for people in wheelchairs

* rating on each of our improved facades: color contrasts, simplified characters.

* Series of pictograms in the tourist Office to report the main activities: the Pradet, accommodation, events, leisure, museums,… These pictograms are essential for those who do not immediately understand written texts.

* Providing a magnetic loop: This system improves the quality of the conversation and the confidentiality of the exchanged information. The reception agent speaks in a microphone and his voice is transmitted directly to the hearing of the deaf person.

* Magnifying glass and dictaphone for the visually impaired

* Expanded character Documentation

More information about tourism and HANDICAP

Ministry of the Environment of Trade and tourism