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Santons Claude Carbonel - Nicolas Carbonel

From 01/12 to 31/12 between 9 am and 6 pm.

La fourmi brocanteuse : Antik et autres

From 01/01 to 31/01.

Pradet Kite School

Your Kite surf and Foil school at Le Pradet From 10 years

All year round.

La Fée Papillon : Totems et bijoux

Création of totem and mobile ewels

All year round.

Location Vélos à assistance électrique

The bicycle renting with electric assistance is driving a bicycle easy, without tiredness, on the bicycles-paths of the region.

All year round.

Céramique Azimut au domaine de l'Artaude

Ceramic varied in its themes, highly colored enamel for intense or drawn in shades oxide for reasons of accuracy. Many small naive modeling, decorative wall sconces, the washer and custom orders.

Bertin Maryline / coiffure à domicile/ coiffeur

All year round.

Salon Michel / coiffeur

All year round.

Saint Albe / coiffeur

All year round.

Loïc Deniau Coupeur Coloriste / coiffeur

All year round.